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SUCH A GOOD GAME, it's so good, and i love it ♥

Hi, game looks really nice. Is there any chance that you will upload it on GameFlare too ? You don't need to do any extra work, just upload your web build.

I can take a look when i finished the last patch :) Whats the difference between

It is different from itchio. We only have web games. If you sign up for our distribution system, you can get a share of ad revenue from our websites or our partner websites.

Hey this might be because I'm using a chromebook, but the first time I tried to play I got an error message at the top of my screen though the second time it's still just frozen and non responsive. It seems like  a really interesting game though!

Hey thank you for trying.

Did you tried the web or the downloadable version?
Which browser do you use?